Business Development Manager - Chemicals

  • ASIA PETROCHEMICALS is a Manufacturer of various Specialty Chemicals and Petrochemicals, and is based out of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. The Main products include SOLVENTS, Raw materials for the Paint and Coating Industry, Flexible Packaging and Inks, Cosmetics and Oilfield Industries.
  • As an International Business Development Manager, you will research, approach and ONBOARD the Customers/End users for our Products and ensure to deliver quality goods and services to customers at a competitive price. You will be expected to maintain knowledge and awareness of key users and markets of SOLVENTS AND CHEMICALS that the company produces and distibutes with the goal of reducing costs, operating efficiently and effectively, leading to increase sales and revenue streams, and help promote the company's brand and awareness in international markets.
  • The Candidate should have prior experience in Selling Chemicals to Industrial and manufacturing companies in Morocco and should be well aware of the product applications of SOLVENTS in these industries. Strong knowledge in processes of Supply Chain for ROAD and SEA SHIPMENTS will be a must. Brief Background and Training in International Business will also be an added advantage.

Responsibilities of the successful candidate

  • You will work under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Assist in increasing the Company’s sales and revenues.
  • Develop methods, procedures and systems that allow the Company to deliver quality products and services to customers.
  • Systematically help identify solutions to customer’s problems and concerns.
  • Conduct research and market analysis to get the best products, services and solutions to customers on time.
  • Use innovative methods and procedures including advanced technology to help solve customer problems and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to customer problems that save the customer and Company time, money, and resources.
  • Maintain a superior knowledge of the Company markets and the trends impacting those markets.
  • Remain abreast of competitors and potential competitors in the market and their impact on the Company.
  • Identify and implement plans and procedures that will allow the Company to maintain a competitive edge.

Skill Set:

  • Master of analytical and research skills.
  • Attention to details.
  • Visionary.
  • Operate efficiently and autonomously.
  • Highly organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  • Fearless – not afraid to be a bold and outside the box thinker.
  • Ability to be a self-starter and get things done on your own.


  • Bachelors’ Degree in any Business- related field.
  • Excellent communication skills – verbal – written – and otherwise.
  • Excellent English and ARABIC language proficiency.
  • Ability to use computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, web,
  • Knowledgeable of PC and Mac, Dropbox, Google Drive.
  • Familiar with - Word, Excel, Page, Notes and other computer programs.
  • Knowledgeable of the effective use of Social Media.
  • Can communicate with small and large groups.
  • Ability to prepare and give presentations.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Contract length: 24 months
تاريخ النشر: ١٦ يناير ٢٠٢١

تاريخ النشر: ١٦ يناير ٢٠٢١