TikTok Influencer Community Manager


Egypt - Cairo

Expired Job ( Read Warning First)

Posted date 3 October 2018
Location Egypt - Cairo
Job Type Full Time


1.Assist to guide and oversee the video influencer community building and content operation.

2.Daily communicate with influencers and maintain good relationship between influencer and tiktok brand.

3.Collect and analysis influencers' suggestion and opinions of the product and content, and feedback to HQ.

4.Assist to manage online and offline event with influencer.

5.Train influencers to create diversified content.

6.Assist HQ on other local tasks. 


1.Strong background in community relationship building, business development, content product, social media, marketing and/or project management.

2.A minimum of 1 years' experience in top platforms is a plus.

3.Knowledge about China's technology industry and local market is a plus.

4.Proficient in Arabic. Good English or Chinese is a plus.

5.Self-motivated, goal-driven.